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We offer:

Anti Glare Blinds
Bertex Anti Glare blinds offer a glare-less view satisfying highest demands due to flexible fabrication fitting different window shapes. Bertex Anti Glare Blind with aluminium case - anodized in aluminium colour - case (dimensions: 57 x 52,5 mm) with infinitely adjustable chain pull drive positioned alternatively at the cases left or right side. The blinds way down is guided by wire ropes at each side. Annoying sun light and aggravating reflections coming from the water surface are absorbed effectively.
We posses long-term experience originating from many years of sucessful work on ships. Our product line includes stable wooden chairs, tubular-steel chairs and swivel chairs, each delivered optinionally with lashings or fixtures for lashings towards the floor or lashings in combination with tables. We also manufacture custom designed chairs and models for special application areas, i.e. our Bertex "Pilot's chair". We produce upholstery and bench systems made-to-measure and renew both fillings and coverings.
Railsystems - System 8000
Using the railsystem 8000, relatively small windows can be made to appear larger. The packets of curtain may be positioned completely beside the window. Due to aplliance of original accessories and curtain tapes especially designed for this railsystem, highest demands, both optical and functional, can easily be fulfilled. The decorative curtains cover the rail itself while it is impossible for the transparent curtains to collide with them as the pleats of the transparent curtains are flat. The rails are installed invisibly using mounting clips against the bulkhead. As the rails offer sensational dimensional stability and have a maximum length of 600cm, even broad walls do not pose a problem to this system.
Flame resistant textiles
We offer a wide range of hardly inflammable and flame resistant cover fabrics and curtain fabrics, which may be applied for sun protection or as separation curtains in wheel houses. Corresponding IMO-certifications are avilable.